GET api/v{version}/pair

Get list of all the available couples.

GET api/v{version}/pair/details/{id}

No documentation available.


GET api/v{version}/updates

Get a stream that contains realtime changes to the system. The changes that will be send are related to the competition, season and players. The example of a stream: data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:14","Id":0} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:24","Id":1} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:34","Id":2} data:{"User":"JohnDo","Entity":"Competition","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:43","Id":284} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:44","Id":3} data:{"User":"JohnDo","Entity":"Competition","Modification":"Modified","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:48","Id":284} data:{"User":"JohnDo","Entity":"Competition","Modification":"Deleted","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:53","Id":284} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:54","Id":4} The stream contains an user, an entity type, a modification type, a timestamp and a related id. A sample implementation to read this stream look here:

GET api/v{version}/last?date={date}&removeduplicates={removeduplicates}&filter={filter}

Get the last changes to the database.

GET api/v{version}/changes?date={date}&removeduplicates={removeduplicates}&filter={filter}

Get the last changes to the database, including the entity id and their parent if applicable.


GET api/v{version}/player

Get list of all the available players. Not all the players may be applicable to the users subscription. The get the details of the player the user requires a subscription that includes the player.

GET api/v{version}/player/details?id={id}

Get some more details about a player. Some stats....


GET api/v{version}/player?translations={translations}

Get list of all the available players.

GET api/v{version}/player/details/{id}?translations={translations}

Provides details about a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/findbykey/{key}

Lookup a player by its key. A key is a uniq identifier that will not change

GET api/v{version}/player/findbyname/{text}

Lookup a player by its name. The name can be a part of the players name, but it has to be uniq.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/stats

Get the stats of a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/basic

Provides details about a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/lastmatches?count={count}

Get the last played matches of a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/titles

Return all the titles of a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/results

Return the highest positions in the played tournaments.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/ninedarts

Get the ninedarts thrown by a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/all?translations={translations}

Method to retrieve all the information of all the players. Added for the setup of the mastecaller site.

GET api/v{version}/callers?translations={translations}

Get all the callers.


GET api/v{version}/round/{id}

Get the played rounds of a tournament. For example the PDC World Championship 2002 will return Final, Semi-Finals, Quarter-finals, Last16, Last 32.

GET api/v{version}/round/details/{id}?matchstats={matchstats}

Get the matches of a certain round.

GET api/v{version}/season/rounds/{id}?matchstats={matchstats}

Get all the rounds and the related matches of a season.


GET api/v{version}/organisation?translations={translations}

Get all the available dart organisations from the system.


GET api/v{version}/competition

Get list of all the available competitions.

GET api/v{version}/competition/details?id={id}

Get some more details about a competition.


GET api/v{version}/competition/tournament/{tournament}

Get the competitions that are related to a tournament.

GET api/v{version}/competition/organisation/{organisation}

Get the competitions that are related to an organisation. See organisation api for more details

GET api/v{version}/competition/highdetail?translations={translations}

Get the competitions with the match results. A request for more details requires a subscription.

GET api/v{version}/competition/lowdetail?translations={translations}

Get the competitions that do not have match results, only the winner and runner-up. A request for more details requires a subscription.

GET api/v{version}/competition/details/{id}?translations={translations}

Get some more details about a competition.


GET api/v{version}/season?id={id}

Get the seasons for a competion

GET api/v{version}/season/overview

Get an overview of all the seasons.

GET api/v{version}/season/details/{id}

Get the season details. Contains rounds and matches.

GET api/v{version}/season/competitors?id={id}

Get the competitors of a season.


GET api/v{version}/season?id={id}&translations={translations}

Get the seasons for a competion

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/prizes

Get the prizes of a season. The prizes can be linked to the ranking, nine darts, high finishes, hunderd and eighthy and 'other' prizes.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/ninedarters

Get the ninedarters of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/highfinishes

Get the high finishes of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/onehunderdandeighty

Get the 180ers of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/otherprizes

Get the other prizes of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/prizeoverview

Get the prizes of a season.

POST api/v{version}/season/{id}/player/{player}?playerId={playerId}

Obsolete: Get the information of a player for a certain season.

GET api/v{version}/season/details/{id}?translations={translations}

Get the season details. Contains rounds and matches.

GET api/v{version}/season/matchdetails/{id}?translations={translations}

Get the match details for a certain season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/competitors

Get the competitors of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/pairs

Get the pairs of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/classification

Get the classification of a season.


GET api/v{version}/rankings

Get the rankings used by the system. Each season can be link to multiple rankings. An example ranking is the PDC Order Of Merit. Note: The system will not keep track of the rankings of individual players.


GET api/v{version}/match/{id}?matchstats={matchstats}

Get detailed information about a match.

GET api/v{version}/matches

Get matches by a certain criteria. For example by competition, season, player, oponent or date.

GET api/v{version}/match/details/{id}

Obsolete: Get match details.


GET api/v{version}/venue

Get all the venues from the system.

GET api/v{version}/venue/details?id={id}

Get the details of a venue.