iDarts Darts Statistics is widely regarded as THE place to find darts results and statistics. iDarts allows you to compare and filter various statistics and results from darts players past and present.

The database covers all of the major results from the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), the World Darts Federation (WDF) and the British Darts Organisation (BDO) as well as results and stats from other ranked events. iDarts has the most comprehensive collection of player data in the world.

The database is used worldwide by a wide range of people including professional darts players, tournament organisers, TV commentators, the media and betting companies. iDarts also provides data to various international websites via API.


If you want to have a look at examples of websites which use our data to stay up to date without entering any date themselves, have a look at:

Bull's Netherlands | Team bull's players data: | All player and tournament data including automated rankings:
World Darts Federation | Calendar, rankings and tournament information:


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These professionals are using iDarts, read their stories here.

Bas Engelen | Premium Darts Data

In the past, I would google results and nationalities and nicknames of players. I would usually end up on Wikipedia where you can only hope the information is correct. More information about lesser-known tournaments and players that fall outside of the PDC top 64 is hard to find to begin with. When I gained access to iDarts, that all changed. Information is easy to find, and the guarantee that all information is checked by professionals makes it a valuable resource. 

Andy Scott | PDPA Statistician

With a keen interest in historical records from significant darts events worldwide I find the iDarts database an indispensable resource and use it as my ‘go to’ reference whenever possible. It is comprehensive and up to date, often updated during an important event as it unfolds and has many ways of presenting the data for specific viewpoints.

Most important is the accuracy of the records as they are continually updated and revised whenever new or additional substantiated evidence from trusted sources is found.
It is a resource that should be invaluable to any commentator or journalist wanting access to the facts and figures behind the players and events.

Martijn van Zijtveld | Commentator Darts

iDarts is the perfect source of information for when I’m preparing for commentary during darts matches. There is no other place where information is this extensive and easy to find. Even during the matches, I can find specific data about historic data and statistics in only.a few clicks. For example, finding previous results of the two players currently playing, or tournament data is only a few clicks away. This makes iDarts the ideal, reliable source of easy-to-navigate darts data. 

Rob Mullarkey | PDC Commentator

In my role as a commentator on the European Tour, iDarts is hugely beneficial to me because even during a fast-paced, 'best-of-11' match I can quickly and reliably extract the information that I need.

The range of information available to me and the team is very impressive and extensive, but the significant plus is that it can be easily tailored to our needs. Furthermore, using the easily navigable filters I can extrapolate the statistics that are relevant, eg to the European Tour itself or a particular event or player.

It's clear a lot of hard work has been put into the iDarts project; Jacques’ commitment to it, as well as his professionalism and passion for darts, means I can have every faith in the accuracy of the content and it really enhances our product as a commentary team.