GET api/v{version}/pair

Get list of all the available couples.

GET api/v{version}/pair/details/{id}

No documentation available.


GET api/v{version}/updates

Get a stream that contains realtime changes to the system. The changes that will be send are related to the competition, season and players. The example of a stream: data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:14","Id":0} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:24","Id":1} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:34","Id":2} data:{"User":"JohnDo","Entity":"Competition","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:43","Id":284} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:44","Id":3} data:{"User":"JohnDo","Entity":"Competition","Modification":"Modified","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:48","Id":284} data:{"User":"JohnDo","Entity":"Competition","Modification":"Deleted","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:53","Id":284} data:{"User":"","Entity":"HeartBeat","Modification":"Added","TimeStamp":"08-10-2015 10:48:54","Id":4} The stream contains an user, an entity type, a modification type, a timestamp and a related id. A sample implementation to read this stream look here:

GET api/v{version}/last?date={date}&removeduplicates={removeduplicates}&filter={filter}

Get the last changes to the database.

GET api/v{version}/changes?date={date}&removeduplicates={removeduplicates}&filter={filter}

Get the last changes to the database, including the entity id and their parent if applicable.


GET api/v{version}/areas

Get list of all the available areas.


GET api/v{version}/player

Get list of all the available players. Not all the players may be applicable to the users subscription. The get the details of the player the user requires a subscription that includes the player.

GET api/v{version}/player/details?id={id}

Get some more details about a player. Some stats....


GET api/v{version}/player?translations={translations}&statusType={statusType}

Get list of all the available players.

GET api/v{version}/player/details/{id}?translations={translations}

Provides details about a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/findbykey/{key}

Lookup a player by its key. A key is a uniq identifier that will not change

GET api/v{version}/player/findbyname/{text}

Lookup a player by its name. The name can be a part of the players name, but it has to be uniq.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/basic

Provides details about a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/toplay?count={count}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/toplay?ids[0]={ids[0]}&ids[1]={ids[1]}&count={count}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/stats

Get the stats of a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/stats?ids[0]={ids[0]}&ids[1]={ids[1]}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/results

Return the highest positions in the played tournaments.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/lastmatches?date={date}&count={count}

Get the last played matches of a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/lastmatches?ids[0]={ids[0]}&ids[1]={ids[1]}&date={date}&count={count}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/titles

Return all the titles of a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/titles?ids[0]={ids[0]}&ids[1]={ids[1]}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/averages

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/averages?ids[0]={ids[0]}&ids[1]={ids[1]}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/highfinishes

Get the ninedarts thrown by a player.

GET api/v{version}/player/highfinishes?ids[0]={ids[0]}&ids[1]={ids[1]}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/{id}/ninedarts

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/ninedarts?ids[0]={ids[0]}&ids[1]={ids[1]}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/all?translations={translations}

Method to retrieve all the information of all the players. Added for the setup of the mastecaller site.

GET api/v{version}/callers?translations={translations}

Get all the callers.

GET api/v{version}/player/props?includeImages={includeImages}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/player/props/{id}?includeImages={includeImages}

No documentation available.

PUT api/v{version}/player

No documentation available.


Tournament related endpoints.

GET api/v{version}/tournament

Get all available tournaments

GET api/v{version}/tournament/seasons/{id}

Get the information of a specific tournament.

GET api/v{version}/tournament/seasons

Get the tournaments and the related seasons.

GET api/v{version}/tournament/seasons/{start}/{end}

Get the tournaments and the related seasons for a couple of years. The season start year will be between (includes) the start- and endyear.


GET api/v{version}/round/{id}

Get the played rounds of a tournament. For example the PDC World Championship 2002 will return Final, Semi-Finals, Quarter-finals, Last16, Last 32.

GET api/v{version}/round/details/{id}?matchstats={matchstats}

Get the matches of a certain round.

GET api/v{version}/season/rounds/{id}?matchstats={matchstats}

Get all the rounds and the related matches of a season.

POST api/v{version}/rounds

No documentation available.


Schedule related endpoints.

GET api/v{version}/schedule/tournament/{year}

Get the schedules of all the defined tournaments

GET api/v{version}/schedule/tournament_by_rankings/{year}/{ranking}

Get the schedules of all the defined tournaments with a sepecifc ranking assigned

GET api/v{version}/schedule/season/{year}

Get the schedules of all the defined season which are not part of a tournament.

GET api/v{version}/schedule/season_by_rankings/{year}/{ranking}

Get the schedules of all the defined season which a linked ranking which are not part of a tournament.


GET api/v{version}/organisation?translations={translations}

Get all the available dart organisations from the system.


GET api/v{version}/competition

Get list of all the available competitions.

GET api/v{version}/competition/details?id={id}

Get some more details about a competition.


GET api/v{version}/competition/tournament/{tournament}

Get the competitions that are related to a tournament.

GET api/v{version}/competition/organisation/{organisation}

Get the competitions that are related to an organisation. See organisation api for more details

GET api/v{version}/competition/ranking/{ranking}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/competition/tournamenttype/{tournamenttypes}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/competition/tournamentgroup/{groups}

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/competition/highdetail?translations={translations}

Get the competitions with the match results. A request for more details requires a subscription.

GET api/v{version}/competition/lowdetail?translations={translations}

Get the competitions that do not have match results, only the winner and runner-up. A request for more details requires a subscription.

GET api/v{version}/competition/details/{id}?translations={translations}

Get some more details about a competition.


GET api/v{version}/season?id={id}

Get the seasons for a competion

GET api/v{version}/season/overview

Get an overview of all the seasons.

GET api/v{version}/season/details/{id}

Get the season details. Contains rounds and matches.

GET api/v{version}/season/competitors?id={id}

Get the competitors of a season.


GET api/v{version}/season?id={id}&translations={translations}&seasonStatus={seasonStatus}

Get the seasons for a competion

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/prizes

Get the prizes of a season. The prizes can be linked to the ranking, nine darts, high finishes, hunderd and eighthy and 'other' prizes.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/ninedarters

Get the ninedarters of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/highfinishes

Get the high finishes of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/onehunderdandeighty

Get the 180ers of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/otherprizes

Get the other prizes of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/prizeoverview

Get the prizes of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/overview/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/v{version}/season/overview

No documentation available.

PUT api/v{version}/season/{id}/status/{status}

No documentation available.

PUT api/v{version}/season

No documentation available.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/player/{player}?playerId={playerId}

Obsolete: Get the information of a player for a certain season.

GET api/v{version}/season/details/{id}?translations={translations}

Get the season details. Contains rounds and matches.

GET api/v{version}/season/matchdetails/{id}?translations={translations}

Get the match details for a certain season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/competitors

Get the competitors of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/pairs

Get the pairs of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/classification

Get the classification of a season.

GET api/v{version}/season/{id}/rankings

Get the pairs of a season.


Get the information related to the rankings. A ranking can be build on request or a saved version can be retrieved. The saved versions are stored in runs. There is always one run with the status live. This run is kept up to date and is only rebuild if a season that is linked to the ranking is changed.

GET api/v{version}/rankings

Get the rankings used by the system.

GET api/v{version}/rankings/{id}?date={date}&includeDetails={includeDetails}

Build a ranking for a specific date.

GET api/v{version}/rankings/runs/{id}

Get all the available ranking runs for a ranking.

GET api/v{version}/rankings/latest/{id}?includeDetails={includeDetails}

Get the latest ranking run by ranking id. The lastest run is kept up to date. Changes in the related seasons will trigger a re-calculation of the ranking.

GET api/v{version}/rankings/latestbyname/{name}?includeDetails={includeDetails}

Get the latest ranking run by name. The lastest run is kept up to date. Changes in the related seasons will trigger a re-calculation of the ranking.

GET api/v{version}/rankings/run/{id}?includeDetails={includeDetails}

Get the ranking of a specific run.


GET api/v{version}/match/{id}?matchstats={matchstats}

Get detailed information about a match.

GET api/v{version}/matches/bydate/{date}

Get matches played on a day

GET api/v{version}/matches/byseason/{seasonId}

Get matches played in a season.

GET api/v{version}/matches/byplayer/{playerId}

Get all player matches.

GET api/v{version}/matches/byseason/{seasonId}/player/{playerId}

Get all player matches of a season.

GET api/v{version}/matches/byplayer/{playerId}/vs/{opponentPlayerId}

Get head to head matches of two players.

GET api/v{version}/match/details/{id}

Obsolete: Get match details.


GET api/v{version}/venue

Get all the venues from the system.

GET api/v{version}/venue/details?id={id}

Get the details of a venue.